Amwins Specialty Auto has implemented new system enhancements to make it easier than ever to do business and save you time.

Real-Time Endorsement Processing

You are now able to process some endorsements real-time using the insured's digital signature. For the endorsements where this new feature is available, agents no longer need to collect wet signatures, upload endorsement request forms, wait for customer service to process these endorsements, etc.

VIN Input

We've added a VIN Input feature to make adding a vehicle to a policy fast and easy for new business and endorsements.

Payment Passwords

Payment passwords will now be displayed in the Amwins system for 5 days after the cancelation date to make it easier to reinstate a policy without a lapse, as long as a loss has not occurred. A Statement of No Loss will be required.

Remote E-Signatures

The new Remote E-Signature system feature is available for new business only and allows agents to become both completely paperless and enables agents to sell policies over the phone.