Amwins Heritage

Semi-annual program written on the standard Texas policy form. Includes optional business-use and non-owner coverage for an SR-22.

Amwins Drive

Semi-annual program written on the standard Texas policy form. The Drive prorgam includes generous discounts and various deductible options.

Amwins Prime 2.0

Semi-annual non-standard program. Prime specifically targets and will be most competitive on risks with better than average credit.

Amwins Value

Semi-annual non-standard program. Includes Mexico coverage for infrequent use and offers a variety of discounts.

Policy Term

  • Semi annual

Policy Options

  • Liability only
  • Full coverage


  • BI/UMBI $30,000/$60,000
  • PD/UMPD $25,000
  • OTC/COLL various deductible options offered
  • Customization equipment $3,000 max

Credit and Non-credit Options

  • Value and Drive are non-credit scored products
  • Prime and Heritage are credit scored product

Discounts Available

  • Prior insurance
  • Multi-car
  • Homeowners
  • Renewal
  • Advanced shopping (5 days)
  • Paperless

License Types

  • Texas license
  • No license & Texas ID
  • Foreign license
  • International license
  • Out of state license
  • Passports

Additional Features Available

  • Seven vehicle maximum on all programs
  • Mexico coverage (25 miles)
  • SR22
  • 1-ton trucks & vans, dually trucks
  • Business use (applied to 1 vehicle only)
  • Salvage title (liability only)

Services We Offer

  • Insured mobile app
  • 24/7 online point-of-sale system
  • Online endorsements
  • Direct deposit of agent commissions
  • Competitive commission rates
  • Point-of-sale new business issuance with dec page and ID card
  • E-signature technology
  • EFT available (discounts available on some products)